The Uncompromising Quality
Letter from the Chairman

It started when we kept wondering about those thousands of tons of food products traveling everyday from their place of origin to the markets.

During this journey to the final consumer, food products pass through the hands of growers, packers, food processors, shippers, brokers, truckers and the dealers. Getting products to the market in premium quality was really our main concern. We always dreamed of building the best transport refrigeration truck in the market in order to maintain and control the temperature to preserve product quality.

Lucky enough our dreams became true and with the help of several international firms in that field side by side with our faithful staff of engineers, technicians and workers, we succeeded to build locally a product to be proud of today and tomorrow and to give our customers what they really except and deserve. "A refrigerated truck made in Egypt with uncompromising quality"

Youssef Moussallem
Chairman & CEO